Xinyi-Dao System: Introduction

From the age of five, Grandmaster Li Tai Liang has practiced, studied, and inwardly cultivated both the ancient internal martial arts and modern combat martial arts. During the past 40 years he has become a renowned and cherished international teacher, having taught at the Shaolin Temple in China and the Beijing Sanshou / Kickboxing Team, and on both West and East coasts of the United States. Using his intimate knowledge of both ancient and modern martial styles, Grandmaster Li created a martial and holistic health system called Xinyi-Dao which makes available and accessible to everyone the essence of martial and energetic skills. Grandmaster Li designed Xinyi-Dao as an easy to follow, step-by-step process so that practitioners of any martial or energetic background, or any novice can succeed in building a solid foundation for personal development.

Xinyi-Dao System uses ancient techniques for the cultivation of martial skill, physical health and wellness, and spiritual development. The System’s foundation for training is based on human beings’ pre-natal state of posture and action, that is, the fetus rounded posture in the womb and its contraction and expansion to absorb nourishment via the umbilical cord. This posture and action, in the post-natal human being, becomes the flexion and extension movements of the spine and “dantian breathing.” With patient practice and skilled guidance, the practitioner learns how to recharge his/her own energy by replicating the body’s prenatal energetic dynamic.

Xinyi-Dao System offers a holistic approach for developing a physically strong and agile body, a focused and attentive mind, and a peaceful spirit, all desirable elements for a healthy life. Through practice with proper guidance, the cultivation of prenatal energy (or prenatal qi) increases martial power and enhances mental awareness by charging the body’s core engine (dantian), so that offense and defense becomes instinctual. Physical health improves as the practitioner learns how to circulate qi throughout his/her body, cleaning the blood, massaging the organs, increasing circulation of breath and blood. With dedicated practice, the cultivation of the spirit as supreme controller improves quality of life, yields a deeper sense of purpose, and ultimately opens the practitioner to the realization of what it is to be a human being in connection with something greater than oneself.

By applying Xinyi-Dao System’s training formula, anyone can develop competent martial and energetic skills as well as develop a strong body and internal power. For advanced practitioners, Xinyi-Dao System is a guide for achieving deeper levels of mind/body connection, conscious control over internal energy, and efficient use of cultivated power for improving health and expanding physical prowess. Xinyi-Dao System allows practitioners to move at their own pace under the guiding hand of our dedicated teachers.

Xinyi-Dao Adults Class Video


Whatever Your Interest, the Art of Combat, Improving Your Health & Fitness, Gaining Self-Confidence,
Cultivating the Zen State of Mind, XINYI-DAO Offers Something For Everyone!

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