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What is XINYI-DAO System?

XINYI-DAO is a complete Kung Fu system which SCIENTIFICALLY INTEGRATES the essential elements of Shaolin Kung Fu, Internal Martial Arts,
Self-Defense Techniques, Sanshou Sparring, Qigong, and Zen Meditation. XINYI-DAO HELPS YOU DEVELOP physical strength & flexibility,
internal power, mental focus, awareness, concentration, self-confidence, and discipline.

XINYI-DAO IS FOR EVERYONE, children through seniors, and beginners through advanced level martial artists. XINYI-DAO is international
and has a network of certified instructors who provide a hands-on and INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE with a strong focus on
personal growth. XINYI-DAO headquarters is in West Babylon, Long Island where classes are taught by Founder Grandmaster Li Tai Liang.

XINYI-DAO Takes A Holistic Approach to Help You Develop Strong Kung Fu Skills & A Healthy Body

For Adults

  • Build Your Physique & Conditioning

  • Take Control Over Your Health & Fitness

  • Develop Your Structure & Internal Power

  • Enhance Your Mental Focus & Clarity

  • Boost Your Confidence & Discipline

For Kids

  • Develop Your Physical Strength & Coordination

  • Improve Your Concentration & Discipline

  • Learn Self Respect & Respect For Others

  • Build A Positive Character & Self-Confidence

  • Boost Your Academic Grades & Stop Bullying


Whatever Your Interest, the Art of Combat, Improving Your Health & Fitness, Gaining Self-Confidence,
Cultivating the Zen State of Mind, XINYI-DAO Offers Something For Everyone!

XINYI-DAO System Network Across the U.S.

Our Network of Dedicated Instructors Possess
In-depth Knowledge of the Xinyi-Dao System

Learn More About Our Branches