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We teach real internal martial arts, qigong, neigong, and effective martial applications, taught by Grandmaster Li Tai Liang and Shifu Mark Li. Our live online classes are designed with modernized teaching method while preserving the essence of traditional internal martial arts principles and knowledge, passed on over generations by true masters of internal martial arts.

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Learn the Real Knowledge of Internal Martial Arts, Qigong, & Neigong Online!

Our Live Online Classes Are Designed Based on the Following Components of Internal, Energetic, & Martial Skills For Developing Real Internal Power & Effective Martial Applications.

Baguazhang - Xinyi-Dao

Internal Martial Arts

Xingyiquan - Xinyi-Dao

Qigong & Neigong

Dai Style Xinyiquan - Xinyi-Dao

Martial Applications

Internal Martial Arts & Energetic Skills that Were Once Considered the Hidden Secrets and Taught Only To Senior Disciples Are Now Accessible To the Public!

Qigong & Neigong

Qigong and Neigong focuses on connecting the breath to movement and practicing breathing techniques powered from the Dantian (energy center).  We will witness the power of breath to heal, to open up channels of the body allowing for greater energy cultivation, and to build stronger nervous and immune systems.  By focusing on and controlling the breath, we can better manage stress, relax more deeply, and practice the natural energetic forces of contraction and expansion within the body.

Alignment & Fascia Activation

Alignment and fascia activation focuses on anatomy, deep fascia stretching, structural alignment, kinetics, and focus of the mind. Specific methods are used to build structural integrity of the skeletal system, tonify the muscles, increase the range of motion of the joints, and in coordination with controlled breathing techniques to engage the fascia or deeper layer of connective tissue that wraps around the body from organs to muscles to blood vessels. Activating and strengthening the fascia helps to achieve whole-body strength and coordination, which enhances endurance, performance, energy, balance, and power of the body from the inside out.

Internal Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts consist of Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan. On the physical level, applying the six harmony movement principles to develop the body’s structural integrity, stability, balance, tendon strength, and power. On the energetic level, using deep abdominal breathing techniques to activate qi and unique neigong method to cultivate the Dantian (energy center). The harmonization of the physical and energetic components of the body helps to amplify the power behind martial arts movements and self-defense techniques.