Master Li has great mental and physical knowledge of the internal martial arts and its applications in health and combat. This depth of knowledge and passion has allowed him to constantly improve his style. But patience while teaching his students is one of his best attributes.

Tommy Liu

I’ve come to find that the most modest schools and teachers have the most to offer. Xinyi Dao Kung Fu Academy is such a place. The school is a bit far from the city but it is definitely worth the trip out there to learn from Grandmaster Li. Grandmaster Li has extensive knowledge of all aspects internal martial arts including the practical and sport application of it. On top of all this, he is very generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge. I am from Seattle and learned of him through one of his disciples teaching out here. He’s got some great students who are very welcoming to everyone. After visiting the first time, I felt like I already knew them for years. Being on the other side of the country I don’t have the opportunity to visit as often as I’d like. I wish I had the opportunity those in NYC have to train with Grandmaster Li and his students on a regular basis. I would recommend those in NYC to take advantage of it!

Manoj Bhambwani

This is the real deal. Master Li is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, he is skilled, knowledgeable and kind. I have studied tai chi with a few teachers over the last 15 years and have been in Master Li’s school for the last two. The school is large enough to accommodate large forms, has two separate floors, one is padded for work outs and one is a beautiful space for meditative practices. Along with the excellent instruction from Shifu, the fellow students are always willing to help with practice and techniques. I can’t say enough about how fine this school is, you will have to come down for a free class and experience it for yourself. Truly the real deal when it come to traditional and authentic Chinese Martial Arts. The school’s focus is on Xinyi, Bagua and other internal martial arts. A note to you MMA fans, Master Li has all sorts of conditioning workout to get you ready for the ring. He coached the Shaolin fighting monks and the Beijing Secret Police and the Chinese kick boxing team. His bag of tricks is full of powerful stuff.

Nancy Fiano

Grandmaster Li, his school, and his many pupils there, provide a place where one can experience an inspirational environment of self improvement, cultivation, and mastery. Li Shifu is a treasure! And the opportunity to learn the rare REAL Gong Fu of his family is the chance of a lifetime. I have been his grateful student since 2003, and the skills and practices that Shifu has taught me, have aided me in every conceivable aspect of my life and made me the solid Gong Fu player I am today. So dynamic and fun; his gongfu system has kept me healthy, strong, young, energized, and happy. As well as combative skills that have given me a huge advantage in civilian self defense, occupational protective services and martial arts competition. There many Gong Fu schools in America; but very few TRUE Masters. Go see Master Li and have fun, make friends for life, get healthy, get strong, and get Gong Fu!

Sudan Jeffers

Master Li is a a true master with a family lineage in Xing Yi and Xinyi He is an excellent teacher in both martial / self defense and health skills of the internal arts.
Xinyi Dao is the art he created which is a synthesis of his background in Xing Yi , Xinyi, Bagua and Taiji. In America it is difficult to find internal martial artists with both martial and health abilities. If you are in New York Long Island area it would be worth your time to visit his school.

Frank Wong

Knowing Grandmaster Li was definitely a life changing experience. He has knowledge of the internal arts for longevity and health as well as the knowledge of practical self defense. Among the Chinese martial artists, he’s has the best quality for his rates.

Haozhu Wang

If you are interested in learning martial arts this is a great school to attend. Grandmaster Li is highly respected in the martial arts community and is a great teacher. Most importantly the school presents a pleasant learning environment. All of the senior students are very friendly and willing to spend time with you to help you improve your skills. There is a great sense of family when you visit the school that makes you feel welcome, even if you are from out of town.

J. Scott Edgar

Changing my life and my health in so many ways , Master Li is by far the most wonderful teacher and Grandmaster, I am truly grateful to have found him and all his students.

John Arcand


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