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Grandmaster Li Tai Liang’s Lineage

  • Started learning Xingyi Quan at the age of 5 from his father Grandmaster Li Shiquan (disciple of the famous Bu Xukuan)

  • Learned Dai Xinyi Quan (ancestor of Xingyi Quan) from Grandmaster Wang Yinghai at a young age & later became his disciple

  • Learned Taoist Bagua Zhang (Pre-dates Dong Haichuan) from Grandmaster Zhang Fengjing during his teenage years

  • Accepted to the Wushu School of Beijing Sports University in 1977 (top elite Wushu university in China)

  • Studied Wushu & Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) under the direct teaching of Professor Zhang Wenguang
    (one of the few 9th Duan Grandmasters awarded by the Chinese Wushu Association)

  • Learned Cheng Style Bagua Zhang under Grandmaster Wang Rongtang (disciple of Yang Mingshang) & later became his disciple

Lineage Chart

Xinyi-Dao Lineage